sElMaT dAtANg C0MeL (*_*)

Khamis, 2 Februari 2012


Sometimes i feel n0 cnnecti0n t0 this w0rld,I feel every0ne is s0 much int0 its 0wn life...I feel n0 reas0n t0 be c0nncted t0 any0ne..
S0metimes i just want t0 be with thyself!i reincarnate the l0ve f0r what i d0.Th0ugh,i feel like g0ing int0 my shell..
S0metimes i like t0 be l0nely..I redisc0ver myself.I g0 intr0specti0n..
S0metimes i think if it were t0 d0 whtever i wnt t0 d0,i wish i c0uld d0 anything thing with0ut w0rrying b0ut the m0ney..I c0uld leave evrything t0 change s0me0ne's life in the m0untains..
S0metimes i'm genius,0thers dumb..I kn0w wht i want,yet s0metimes there is a c0nfusi0n..
S0metimes i'm n0t i'm,mybe i g0 wr0ng yet i kn0w my intensti0ns were't wr0ng!!

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