sElMaT dAtANg C0MeL (*_*)

Isnin, 23 April 2012


Y0u may n0t be her first,her last 0r her 0nly..She l0ved bef0re,she may l0ve again.But if she l0ve u n0w,what else matter??She's n0t perfect,u aren't either,and the tw0 0f  y0u may never be perfect t0gether but if she can make u laugh,c0use y0u t0 think twice,and admit t0 being human and making mistakes,h0ld 0n t0 her and give her the m0st y0u can...She may n0t be thinking every sec0nd 0f the day,but she will give y0u a part 0f her that she kn0ws y0u can break her heart..S0 d0nt hurt her,d0nt change her,d0nt analyze and d0nt expect m0re than she give..Smile when she's makes y0u happy,let her kn0w when she's makes y0u mad,and miss her when she's n0t there..

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