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Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

all ab0ut l0ve

Why d0es L0ve have t0 be s0 difficult? Why can’t l0ve be a pers0n wh0 c0mes by and actually stays f0r m0re than awhile. If  l0ve was pers0nified, I w0uld want l0ve t0 pack a suitcase because a visit is 0ut of the question..''y0u’re c0ming here t0 stay''..
L0ve w0uld be a b00kmark because when I need y0u I w0uld kn0w exactly where t0 g0..
L0ve, why d0 y0u have t0 be s0 difficult?
L0ve, why are y0u like the weather...s0metimes y0u are great and s0metimes the rain c0mes p0uring fr0m 0ut 0f n0 where.
L0ve, y0u are like a newb0rn child. Y0u cann0t tell me what y0u want, and I have t0 base y0ur needs 0ff 0ther pe0ples’ rec0mmendation.
L0ve please d0n’t be difficult and let’s keep it simple.

p/s:I sp0ke with L0ve and the answer I received was EFF0RT. Eff0rt is all L0ve needs t0 stick ar0und.

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