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Isnin, 28 Mei 2012

decisi0n f0r 0ther

The best way t0 make it through  is t0 listen t0 your heart .
In life we have t0 make decisi0ns that aren't easy. we're afraid that Whatever ch0ice we make will upset s0me 0ne we l0ve.

Is at these times that we need t0 st0p and listen t0 the v0ice
Inside us.If we listen just t0 he wsihes 0f th0se ar0und us and
ign0re 0ur 0wn felling, we will n0t be truly happy.
listen t0 what y0u kn0w is right and stand by that, c0use
when u d0, u will be happy.

p/s:n0t easy t0 be easy..

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